Type Of Kitchen
  • U-shaped kitchen

    Such kitchens work perfect for large as well as small rooms, as they can fit into either of space types. In terms of work surface, these kitchens are not just ideal, but amazing as well. They also score for their ample storage space to benefit the owners.

  • L-shaped modular kitchen

    Modular kitchens is their ability to serve the owners in multiple ways. If the rooms are big enough, such a layout would even have generous space for a dining table. In addition, proper arrangements of kitchen essentials can fetch storage space right into the extreme corner.

  • In-Line Modular Kitchen

    Such a layout or kitchen type turns perfect where rooms are endowed with a single partition wall. More storage space is available in this arrangement, which precisely serves the purpose of the owner. Working space too would be in ample amount, if creativity is unleashed.

  • Parallel Modular Kitchen

    Such a modular kitchen type suits those homes that look to get the most out of the available space. A proper distance has to be maintained between the two kitchen lines for the maximum result. If that arrangement is followed, base units then can be accessed without any issue.

  • Island Modular Kitchen

    Such a kitchen type perfectly suits for rooms which are large and made with open-plan. A spacious feel is had when such an arrangement is followed. When the available space is ample, home owners can prefer this type of modular kitchen to realize their dreams.

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